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Malice is a horde guild on the Firetree server.  We were started by a group of real life friends, and expanded into an online family . People carrying the Malice tag should always show excellent manners and respect for their fellow gamers.  We will continue to try to maintain a friendly - laidback environment while also continuing guild progression.  Being a competitive 10 man guild is what we hope to maintain during Cataclysm. 
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On to Rag

Gregorian-Malice, Aug 22, 11 5:51 PM.
Last night Domo bit the dust, only Rag left.  Cant express how happy I am with our lil raid group these days, prolly the most Ive enjoyed raiding since I started 10 man Kara back in the day.  Gratz to Norise on getting his 4 piece. 

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